AI Driven data insights used to power brand strategy

Through gathering, cleansing, aggregating and nurturing billions of lines of behavioural, first party, third party and demographic data, we remove the guesswork and are able to constantly iterate campaign success, whilst delivering tangible ROI over time.

We utilise industry leading social intelligence and customisable data visualisation to drive brand strategy and overall impact.
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Vouch Data and Insights

Social insight powers our content, creator outreach and paid media strategies

Alongside your first party CRM data, we will study the conversation to understand your brands competitors from a consumers perspective. We will also build the right strategy around the right audience segments for driving sales, as well as identifying the right creators to be used to power the conversion process.
Our data-led EMPATHY approach allows us to gain a true understanding of cultures and sub-cultures. We do this through demographic analysis, audience insights and CRM customer look-a-like builds.

Our data services include:
Looker Studio Reporting (Utilising Supermetrics, Stitch & Big Query)
Social Demographic Insight Audits
Mosaic Profilinge
Commerce Data Audits
CRM Segmentation
CRM Demographic Analysis
Tag Management
Data integrationWe understand that there is no one size fits all approach to targeted marketing for a particular demographic, however through a suite of third party technology platforms, we are able to connect with and convert potential customers through EMPATHY.
How we make it happen
Culture first, through audience empathy and insights. Our Three-Step Approach
Empathy underpins our three-step approach to audience insight. It is how we do absolutely everything at Vouch Global. Our approach to social intelligence has been carefully crafted for maximum impact through the funnel for brands.
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  • Understanding audience emotion through social listening
  • Demographic analysis
  • Understanding mirroring and audience connection in over-arching strategy
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  • Understanding the audience perspective
  • Ability to see situations from different audience viewpoints
  • Help resolving any points of conflict through messaging
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  • Feeling and sharing others' emotions through content
  • Mirroring behaviours of audience in content and displaying supportive actions
  • Display genuine care and concern for audiences' through content
Empathy driven social intelligence to Amplify brand growth through the marketing funnel
To feed our 'Restless Minds' appetite for Social intelligence, we relentlessly listen to the audiences of the brands we manage, and their competitors. Therefore informing our content strategies, creator recruitment and overarching As content mesaging.
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Vagabond Ad Creative
Vagabond Ad Creative
Vagabond Ad Creative
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“The team at Vouch are not only a pleasure to work with but are also focused on delivering real results which deliver great ROI and a tangible impact on our business."
"From the bottom of my heart I can honestly say that you guys go above and beyond for us. It's amazing what you have done. Seriously i don't know how we would have done this without you."
"A successful and pleasurable partnership. Vouch delivered full-service paid media activity for four of our Soho House brands Cowshed, Neville, Cheeky and the launch of Soho Home. Delivering a 30% ROI over 12 months."
"Working with the team is always a pleasure. They delivered full service social and paid media activity across our Wonderbra, Shockabsorber and Playtex brands."
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“Vouch worked tirelessly to create a website platform and video that not only represented our business, but also our customers, and their needs. Connecting us in ways that allow us to compete at the highest level.”
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"Working with Vouch is always a pleasure. Our recent content and paid media campaign was a pleasure. Helping position Tefal in a completely new way across social."
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"Vouch team continue to provide us with valuable social insight & strategy in the build-up to our influencer events and paid digital campaigns."
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"It feels like they are an extension of our own team, working collaboratively to achieve our goals. If you’re looking for a digital agency that will go above and beyond to help your business, I wholeheartedly recommend Vouch."
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