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Vagabond Wines - Telling the story of wine beyond the glass

Vagabond Wines offer experiences beyond a regular Winery, our task was to tell this to new audiences, and increase online bookings to help make Wine accessible to all in and outside London.
A record breaking campaign harvest
Following our campaign and work with Vagabond Wines, the venues recorded a record breaking month for online bookings in November.
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“The team at Vouch are not only a pleasure to work with but are also focused on delivering real results which deliver great ROI and a tangible impact on our business."
Sophie Head of Marketing
Sophie Evans
Head Of Marketing
Vagabond Vines
Vagabond Wines
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From a little shop in Fulham back in 2010 to an Urban Winery at Battersea Power Station, Vagabond Wines is on a mission to make Wine accessible to all with their wine bars in and outside London.
Their front of house innovations like their unique Tap & Pour application and self pour Wine machines provides a unique wine tasting experience to venue visitors with a user friendly interface, while their Urban Winery and UK based Vineyards allow them perfect the quality of their harvest “From Grape to Glass”.
In 2022 when they choose Vouch Global as their creative and performance digital marketing agency, the main challenges they wanted to tackle was growing their audience base by showcasing their unique selling points beyond just being a Wine bar and encouraging their guests to book online.
High performing hospitality marketing approach
Gathering Insights and Channel Audit
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Producing New Creative Content
Highlighting the unique experiences in hospitality
Optimising Audience Targeting
Optimising and improving marketing performance
Performance Tracking
Tracking the record breaking number of bookings
Notes of creativity in every booking
Our Vouch Creative team prepared new creative assets to promote the venues across social channels.ts to promote the venues across social channels.
To feed our appetite for performance, we tested each creative with countless alternatives, optimising colours, message and audience targeting with each iteration to achieve record breaking online booking numbers for the Vagabond’s venues.