What’s inside?

We’ll cover the performance challenges facing the eCommerce, hospitality and  leisure industries, but also uncover the opportunities.

By the time you’ve finished, you will have a better understanding of how you can position your brand and up your paid media game immediately.

While many media buying and creative teams still work in isolation, at Vouch, we specialise in combining the art and the science. Because collaboration, feedback and speed get our clients great results. Because 2024 demands it.
Chapter 1:
Creators on the Rise
Chapter 2:
Sound On!
Chapter 3:
Overcoming Creative Fatigue
Chapter 4:
Get 'Em in the Feels
Chapter 5:
Data-Driven Creative Strategy
Chapter 6:
Retargeting Through Ad Variants
Chapter 7:
Transparency & Trust

About the author: Mark Joseph

Mark is a seasoned digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping global businesses or those on a mission to be. With over 16 years of experience in unskippable Ad creative and performance media buying, Mark has honed his skills in crafting effective and engaging digital campaigns that drive results.
Mark Joseph Vouch Global CEO
About Vouch Global
Results driven, digital creative and performance marketing agency. Specialising in amplifying brand exposure and incremental revenue growth across eCommerce, Hospitality and Leisure sectors.
At Vouch we grow global brands, or those on a mission to be, by truly understanding the emotional drivers of consumers, building strategic stories around their concerns, and answering them with quantifiable performance activity.