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Your Game Plan - Creating content for the launch

Research shows that many secondary school students today don’t know what to do once they have finished their exams. From going to university to getting a job straight away, many felt confused and overwhelmed with what their next move would be, so this is where YourGamePlan came in.

From offering free online courses, students could complete their courses to help build up their CV and apply for jobs and apprenticeships with CPD certified qualifications.
your game plan
Your Game Plan
Social Content
To create a short film that reflected how many students feel when unsure what to do after their A levels/college.
Once filmed and edited, the films would then be cut into short social edits, suitable for Paid Social ads to encourage student sign ups for free courses.
Following storyboarding and creative planning sessions (pre-covid), filming took place in the heart of the city where many of YourGamePlan’s sponsors have offices themselves where students can apply for their apprenticeships.
A team consisting of a camera crew and actors executed the short film showing a girl deciding not to go to uni, but to focus on learning and working at the same time, must to the confusion of her friend and teacher.
The film shows that uni is not the only option after school, and YourGamePlan can help students with their career paths after school/college, encouraging them to make the best decision for them and their future.
High performing education approach
Gathering Insights and Channel Audit
To improve tracking capabilities
Producing New Creative Content
Highlighting the unique experiences in education
Optimising Audience Targeting
Optimising and improving marketing performance
Performance Tracking
Tracking the record breaking number of sign ups
Our Solution
A suite of videos was created and shared with YGP’s young Gen Z audience who gave their feedback and understanding of the content.
Ads where then published across social media to drive awareness to YourGamePlan which now has over 500+ student sign ups, contracts with The Guardian and is offering free courses to all throughout this home school learning period.
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