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Octasmart -
Amplifying the Dormeo & Octasmart mattress brands through global markets

Dormeo and Octasmart mattress brands approached Vouch to help them launch and grow into multiple EMEA and APAC countries, including Spain, Netherlands, France, Sweden and Japan to name a few.
Amplifying the Dormeo & Octasmart mattress brands through global markets
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"From the initial strategy proposed, through to the creative output for our paid campaigns, we knew we were dealing with a different type of agency. On time, on budget, creative and not satisfied till the job is done is how I would describe the Vouchies."
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We supported through localised ad messaging and content. Constantly A/B testing localised language as well against UK speaking ad content. The results of which were very surprising when it came to ROAS.
Using our ‘ONE STORY’ approach we were able to truly understand the cultural nuanses of each market we were active within as opposed to simply translating messaging.  This approach helped us increase client revenue by 150% within two months of taking over from the previous agency.
Before getting going with the output of any paid media platform selection, content creation, messaging, targeting and copyrighting, we began with deep insights to first party and third party data segments. First, we analysed the pre-existing CRM data of Dormeo and Octasmart, within our ‘LIFESTORY’ technology platform. From this insight we were able to identify key areas across the globe, down to town level that had a higher propensity to purchase mattresses within a particular time frame and by a particular channel.
Following this, we further analysed these segments to better understand who they may be, where they may be from, their marital status, income level and other key  demographic information to aid our paid media strategy and targeting.
Finally we used our suite of social insight and demographic tools to gain insight into the conversation around mattress brands, sleep in general, who was having these conversations, where they lived and who influenced them socially.

From these deep levels of data and insights we were able to put in place a very detailed and highly targeted global, Go to market strategy, based across our four key audience pillars.
High performing hospitality marketing approach
Gathering Insights and Channel Audit
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Producing New Creative Content
Highlighting the unique experiences in hospitality
Optimising Audience Targeting
Optimising and improving marketing performance
Performance Tracking
Tracking the record breaking number of bookings
Our Solution
We had cultural feet on the ground in each market we were active across in order to gather audience insights, cultural nuances at a granular level and define key content pillars for each market. Our content team re-versioned existing content into localised ads and translated the copy for each country.
To maximise output, we rigorously A/B tested ad assets to identify the top performers for each country. Top of funnel awareness videos drove traffic through to the website, whilst bottom of funnel conversion focused content drove sales through retargeting.