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Kombucha Warehouse - taking kombucha drinks to the masses

Kombucha Warehouse was a start-up with one goal: take kombucha drinks to the masses. Now, they’re the UK’s largest online retailer of Kombucha and partnered with some of the world’s best breweries. The Kombucha Club also has a subscription service that delivers kombucha to their customers every month.
kombucha warehouse
Kombucha Warehouse - taking kombucha drinks to the masses
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Kombucha Breweries
"From the bottom of my heart I can honestly say that you guys go above and beyond for us. It's amazing what you have done. Seriously i don't know how we would have done this without you."
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Jordan Sortiriou
Kombucha Warehouse
Kombucha Warehouse
Paid Social
Paid Social
Web Design
Web Development
To put Kombucha Warehouse on the map we needed to capture the brand personality online and create an online user experience which was not only educational but drove consistent sales.
High performing eCommerce approach
Gathering Insights and Channel Audit
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Producing New Creative Content
Highlighting the unique experiences in eCommerce
Optimising Audience Targeting
Optimising and improving marketing performance
Performance Tracking
Tracking the record breaking number of purchases
Our Solution

A clean website user experience using Shopify provided the platform to educate users about kombucha and drive conversions. To emphasise the brand look & feel, we captured content of the founders Jack and Jordan, the kombucha products, and the warehouse where the boxes are prepped and packed. Taking the brand to the next level, the website incorporated 3 key product offerings: subscription boxes, one-off purchases, and corporate boxes.
Paid Media:

To take kombucha to the masses, our research and insights defined key audience pillars for paid media targeting. With ad messaging and content tailored to each audience segment, a targeted Paid Social and Google Ads campaign drove X traffic per month and generated consistent revenue through subscriptions.
kombucha warehousekombucha warehouse